Gun Shop History of Patch's Gun Shop

Meet Richard Patch, Owner of Burnt Knoll Firearms, LLC

I grew up surrounded by lots of family and the White Mountain National Forest.  Years of fun in the woods with friends and family convinced me that I was on the road to a future doing what I love.

I have been involved with firearms for nearly 40 years and have been hunting locally for over 35 years.  It all began when my Dad owned a gun shop in Glen for nearly 25 years where I spent much of my time. I enjoy hunting locally, shooting and reloading.

How it all got started …

In November of 1981, my dad and I were taking a stand deep in the East Branch River valley.  Sitting on a downed log beside each other, I turned to my right and saw a Black Bear meandering down the rocky slope about 60   yards away.  As he approached, I took careful aim on him with the old Winchester 30-30 carbine that my grandfather had given to me earlier that same fall. I fired and the BEAR went down.  I then shot several more times as the BEAR attempted to run down the hill.  When the shooting was over, my dad carefully approached the BEAR who lied motionless on the ground.  He looked back at me and gave me the “thumbs up” with his gloved hand.  A huge smile came across my face and I made my way down to my dad and my trophy.  I remember the first thing dad said to me when I got to him was ” is your safety on?”  After confirming that it was, I received the congratulatory hand shake from him.  We then began the chore of field dressing and dragging the bear out of the woods.  I remember the drag rope breaking several times on our way out, and dad eventually had to remove one of his own boot laces and finish dragging the bear that way.

At age 11, I had, my first successful big game kill, an adventure I will never forget.

I have been hunting every since!

Stop In…

Come see the shop at 514 US Route 302 in Bartlett, next door to Ande’s Ski Tuning.

Stop in and stock up!

I am ready to share my knowledge and experience with new and veteran hunters and shooters.

Come by the shop if you are ready to buy, have questions or need advice about a product or the area or just want to spend time with others who love to spend time hunting and shooting.