Firearm Safety Courses

Firearm Safety and Handling Courses

Do not store your firearms as pictured above. Register for one of our courses and learn safe handling and more!

Burnt Knoll Firearms courses will teach you about safe handling, use and storage of firearms in order to prevent accidental or negligent discharge and the consequences of firearm malfunctions. Classes are held at the shop in Bartlett from 6 – 8 pm unless indicated otherwise.

If you are planning on becoming a member of the Carroll County Fish and Game Club, our Basic Firearms Safety Course meets their course requirement for membership.

Basic Firearms Safety Course

Next Class Date: TBD

This is a basic weapons safety class, not a hunter safety course. No firearms needed to take this course. Do not bring loaded guns or ammo to class. This class is a sell-out every time it is offered. Follow Burnt Knoll Firearms on Facebook and watch for the announcement of the next date then don’t wait to register!

Time: 6 – 8 pm
Cost: $45 per person includes 10% discount on your next BKF purchase and a Certificate of Completion that fulfills the requirement for new members of the Carroll County Fish and Game Club.

Items to be covered in this class …

  • 2nd Amendment – discuss constitutional right to own a gun
  • Emergency EVAC/MEDEVAC plan
  • Types of weapons – handguns or pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns
  • Identification – How to identify hand guns – single or double action, magazine fed or revolver, striker or hammer fired, automatic, semi-automatic, magazine or clip
  • Shooting fundamentals – grip, stance, sight alignment, breathing, trigger control
  • Rifles – identification, semi auto, bolt action, pump action, break action and single shot
  • Shotguns – gauges, pump, semi, break action
  • Carry options – concealed vs open
  • Permit process for NH

Fundamentals of Hand Gun Proficiency

Next Class Date:  TBD
This class combines class room instruction with dry fire training and demonstration of angles of movement and what to do if you suspect an intruder. You will learn the tools necessary to practice the techniques demonstrated at home and become proficient at dry-fire training, weapons malfunction clearage, and the overall safe operation and handling of firearms. Dry-fire training is considered by many to be a core element to building an overall mastery of proficiency with firearms.

Time: 6 – 8 pm
Cost: $45 per person

Required Equipment:
Handgun, holster, spare magazine, sturdy gun belt. Optional: snap caps (available for purchase at BKF)

Items to be covered in this class …

  • Safety brief with live ammo check/surrender
  • MEDEVAC plan
  • Proper grip and safe handling
  • Weapons functions and conditions
  • Trigger control and reset
  • Safe upholstering and holstering
  • Cover vs concealment
  • Types of malfunctions
  • Dry fire training drills
  • Angles of movement including clearing a room, approach to entryways and working with a partner

Class Registration

Class size is limited.

To sign up …

call 603-986-9622,
or stop by the shop.

Your Instructor:

Andrew Koplin USMC Sergeant, rifle and pistol expert, APMI instructor, OIF/OEF combat veteran, NH PSTC, police firearms instructor

Be sure to follow us on Facebook for class announcements and updates.