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Mossberg Model 590 Shockwave 12 Gauge Pump

New for 2017!
You’ll enjoy the 14″ barrel on this hard to find Mossberg 12 Gauge pump. And it is on sale.

Scroll down to view our SHOCKWAVE VIDEO below!

Mossberg Model 590 Shockwave package features …

  • Bird’s head pistol grip with a unique shape to minimize felt recoil
  • Ambidextrous safety
  • Dual extractors
  • Positive steel-to-steel lockup
  • Twin action bars
  • Smooth operating anti-jam elevator
  • Matte blued barrel finish
  • Weighs 5.25 pounds with overall length of 26.37 inches

Sale Price: $399

In-stock. Save at time of purchase.
MSRP: $455

Optional Adds:
Special on 1 Buck Ammo –
Box of 12 Sellier and Bellot 1 Buck Shells for $7.50

Convert to a 10-shot shotgun:
Add an OPSol Mini Clip and 12 Gauge Shorty Jungle Juice Junior for less than $30. Last photo in gallery.

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Take a minute to watch this video of test shooting the ultimate Shockwave.  This one has a TruGlo Laser/Light Combo and an OpSol Mini Clip to fire up to ten 12 GA 00 Buck Shorty Jungle Juice Junior shells by Exotic Products. It’s lethal!