Turkey Season in NH

Hunting in New Hampshire

Hunting in New Hampshire is not just about the trophy. It is about the management of wildlife habitat to insure continued wildlife diversity, viability and abundance. The New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game conserves, manages and protects these resources. They issue the required hunting license and provide training opportunities including the Hunter Education Course which is a requirement for every NH hunter.

It is all about the Experience …

  • Preparation: Careful preparation for a safe time in the woods is essential, whether you plan to be out for one day or several.
  • Memories: Make memories for a lifetime will be made as you spend time in our woods by yourself, with friends or with your family.

Safety First

As much as HUNTING and shooting Is fun, it has remained that way for me for one simple reason, my father always stressed SAFETY FIRST.

When it came to enjoying our passion, my dad was a great teacher. Not only because he was an excellent woodsman and marksman, but because he always stressed how important safety was. He would often say “It only takes one careless moment to ruin a good time.” His safety reminders ring true with me today and I can still hear him saying, “where is that gun pointed?” Or, “Did you check your safety?” The HUNTING and shooting sports have provided me with years of quality recreation, and it’s,because safety always was first and foremost.

Handmade friction calls by Chuck Greenwood - every hunter needs one.

Simply the best Turkey Calls – a must-have for every Turkey Hunter! We carry top quality friction calls with a lifetime guarantee handmade by local artist Chuck Greenwood.  Every turkey hunter needs one. While you are in be sure to grab a handmade Hickory striker as well.  Together they produce a sound that even the most cautious Tom Turkey cannot resist.

Come by the shop if you are ready to buy, have questions or need advice about a product or the area or just want to spend time with others who love to spend time hunting and shooting.

We have everything you’ll need for hunting season.  Stop in and stock up!


BKF will be open 12 noon – 4 pm on Sunday and Monday beginning November 3 through December 8th.


NH Deer & Turkey Check Station

BKF is now an official NH check station with deer scales. Deer and turkey must be registered at the closest open registration station within 24 hours by the person who took the animal.

Hunting License:

To hunt in New Hampshire, you must have completed a NH Hunter Safety Education course before obtaining the required NH Hunting License. Click for NH Fish and Game details and link to renew.

Season Dates:

Hunting season dates vary by region and method.  Here is a link to more details from NH Fish and Game.

Be Prepared

Must haves for your pack:

  • Compass
  • Flashlight and Batteries
  • Waterproof Matches
  • Lighter
  • Film Canister with Vaseline Soaked Cotton Balls
  • Space Blanket
  • Band Aids
  • 2 Days of Prescribed Meds
  • Knife
  • Small Diameter Rope


Come meet Jack, our English Cream Golden Retriever

Come by the shop and meet my trusted friend, Jack.  Jack is an English Cream Golden Retriever puppy who just had quite a bit of fun with me hunting birds.  When you meet Jack, you will see that he is handsome, strong, athletic, extraordinarily capable and willing to please.  He comes from genetic lines the formed the foundation of the Golden Retriever breed.

Jack has a sweet disposition, is smart as a whip and loves to play.  One of his favorite activities is chewing on antlers.  He loves this so much he has begun to hunt for them when playing in the woods.

I’m sure Jack is looking forward to greeting everyone in the new shop and finding that special spot to lay down and chew on his favorite bone.

Safe Hunting!

Meet Jack, our English Cream Golden Retriever