What's cookin' up to camp?

Recipes, Game Preparation and Food Must-Haves

We told you earlier that a day or days in the woods is all about the Experience.

Proper planning is essential to your success.  The food you take along will fuel your activities for the day and provide great memories of how you start or finish your day.  Why does food always taste better when it has been prepared on a campfire? Many that skip breakfast will not start their day without it when they are up to camp!  Send us an email and let us know about your favorite take-a-long food.

Sourdough Waffles is a morning treat before a day in the woods.

What’s for Breakfast?

One of our favorites is Beans and Biscuits – a pot of Boston Baked Beans with a batch of warm Bakewell Cream Biscuits.

Sourdough waffles can be a tasty surprise in the woods for your friends and family.  Mix the batter before you leave home and leave it on the counter overnight.  Easy peasy.  No need for refrigeration. Add the final few ingredients in the morning and use the batter for waffles or pancakes.  Great with bacon, sausage, and eggs or enjoyed alone.  When in New England, be sure to top with our own liquid gold – maple syrup!

Check back for recipes and tips for game preparation.

Check back for recipes and game prep times.

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Hunters are invited to stop in and share your favorite recipes.

Tell us what keeps you going during your day in the woods, or what your favorite meal is upta camp!  What is your favorite way to prepare deer, moose or bear meat?